Personnel policy of the university

If you are talented, full of energy, enthusiasm and courage, are capable to work in team, purposeful and confident in success, and also possess knowledge of specifics of work of the scientific and educational and international organizations, we invite you to become a part of team of university and to make the contribution to development of the Kazakhstan science and education!

Level and quality of the work of educational institution in modern social and economic conditions is defined, first of all, by a demand in highly professional workers, their competitiveness and success of creation of professional career. The result of work of university should be faultless from the professional point of view. Officials of university are obliged to possess quality education, experience, ability to make the weighed and crucial decisions. Thus the university not only puts tasks, but also creates conditions for the workers, allowing raising level of professional knowledge and skills, to realize the professional, creative abilities, to develop potential, to have prospect of career growth. Today at university educational process is provided by 1166 highly skilled teachers, from them - 198 doctors, 506 candidates of science; have an academic status of the professor of 146 people, assistant professors - 405. Among regular professors - 9 academicians of NAN RK.

Aubakirova Mayrash Akhmetovna

010008 Astana, 2 Mirzoyan st., educational - administrative campus, office 267, 177

+7 (7172) 709486

ex. 31240

Monday - Friday 9:00-18:00 (a lunch break: 13:00-14:00)

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