L.N. Gumilyov’s 100s anniversary

Concept of anniversary actions

In 2012 the scientific community of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and the world will celebrate Lev Nikolaevich Gumilyov's 100-year anniversary (1912-1992) - the outstanding scientist of the XX century, the author of fundamental works on history of the Turkic and Slavic, Asian and European people, the known expert in the field of historical ethnology and historical geography.

L.N.Gumilyov - the son of the well-known poets «of the silver century» - Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova and Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov. Already therefore the most part of the life because of the origin it was considered politically unreliable, was illegally pursued, was subjected to repression and 14 years of the life in the 1930-1950th years spent in Stalin prisons and camps. However, despite it, it showed firmness and kept fidelity once to the chosen favorite science.

L.N.Gumilyov became doctor of science twice - in 1961 defended in Leningrad the dissertation on historical, and in 1973 - on geographical sciences. Within the 1960-1980th years worked in Leningrad (today St. Petersburg) the state university.

The name and L.N.Gumilyov's heritage belong not only to the country where he used to live, but also to the whole world. He was not only Russian scientist, but researcher of Eurasian, planetary scale. His name (as history of the Turkic people) is especially esteemed in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Confirmation to that is in 1996 in the new capital Astana by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of N.A.Nazarbayev the Eurasian national university to which Lev Nikolaevich Gumilyov's name was appropriated was open. For the last years this university became the large capital center of science and education. In particular, on its base, since 2002 (that is from L.N.Gumilyov's 90 anniversary), six international Eurasian scientific forums, devoted to studying of heritage of L.N.Gumilyov, ideas of interaction of Europe and Asia, the West and the East are conducted. At the Eurasian university the Museum office of L.N. Gumilyov was created, where the original study of the scientist from his Moscow apartment, some personal belongings, letters to colleagues are stored.

The Soviet official historical science and ethnography last decades belonged with mistrust to works L.N. Gumilyov, and many rejected his original scientific approaches. In the 1970-1980th years of work of L.N.Gumilyov for ideological reasons practically ceased to be printed in the USSR. And only in the late eighties, when in the USSR there came "publicity" and freedom of press, its works began to be published in the mass editions. This tendency of editions of works of L.N.Gumilyov in big circulations remained and after death of the scientist in 1992 up to the present. In essence, here within twenty years of the book of L.N.Gumilyov are scientific best-sellers.

L.N.Gumilyov wasn't the researcher of only local problems. Having started to study in student's, 1930th years, history Turkic kaganat(VI-VIII century), it considerably expanded subsequently a subject of the researches and from history of the Turkic people rose by level of the world, planetary history.

Works of L.N. Gumilyov on stories of the people of Eurasia («Ancient Turkic peoples», "Hunna", «Opening of Hazaria», «Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere», «Ethnos geography during the historical period», «Searches of an invented kingdom», «Ancient Russia and Great Steppe», «The millennium round the Caspian Sea» and many others) in aggregate make an outstanding contribution to a world science. A number of its works is translated into the European and east languages.

L.N.Gumilyov supported rapprochement of humanitarian and natural sciences, considered necessary surely to consider in ethnic history a natural and geographical factor. It entered into a science concept about phases ethno genesis. It possesses idea of positive ethnic "complementary" of the Turkic, Slavic and Finno-Ugric people of Eurasia. He defended an idea of an equivalence of the people of Asia and Europe in world history. It was granted rare talent of three-dimensional, volume vision of history in time and space.

As researcher innovator L.N.Gumilyov aspired to overcome formal traditional scientific borders between oriental studies and medieval history, between a tyurkologiy and Slavic studies, between orientalism and an europium. In essence it developed that innovative direction in a science which with good reason can be designated today as "Eurasian study".

Profound historical and geographical and ethnological researches, allowed it to develop essentially the theoretical base of Eurasians, to show its practical potential for the present and the future of the Eurasian people.

L.N.Gumilyov not only the scientist, but also large thinker. Its heritage is deeply actual in international and political and practical sense - it is scientific and historical justification of tolerant Euro-Asian approaches to the modern world in the conditions of regional integration and globalization. Exactly here L.N.Gumilyov's scientific approaches most close adjoins to the Eurasian ideas of the President of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev.

The importance of ideas of L.N.Gumilyov that it the original works didn't divide, didn't oppose, and pulled together the people of Europe and Asia, the West and the East. He is one of those scientists who called for preservation of a national cultural heritage of all people, world ethnoses.

L.N.Gumilyov in the approaches anticipated ideas of Dialogue and Alliance of civilizations and cultures which became so important the last decades and actively move ahead within the United Nations and UNESCO. Without exaggeration, he is the intellectual predecessor of idea of Dialogue and Alliance of civilizations.

L.N.Gumilyov's many-sided creativity, his works cause discussions, they aren't indisputable. But it, certainly, positive factor. Therefore in the XXI century new, unbiased reading and judgment of works of L.N.Gumilyov. It is necessary to state an objective assessment to its contribution to a world science. It will be promoted by inclusion of a centenary of L.N.Gumilyov in the Calendar of memorials of UNESCO.

Considering the importance of the forthcoming 100-year anniversary of L.N.Gumilyov, it is obviously important to coordinate in advance the program of scientific actions for October, 2012 between the interested scientific and educational structures of Kazakhstan and Russia (in particular, with the St. Petersburg state university, the Russian state pedagogical university of A.I.Herzen).

First of all, it is necessary to coordinate terms and sequence of carrying out the International Eurasian scientific forum in Astana and the International scientific congress in St. Petersburg.

Actions on the basis of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian national university will pass within a year - since October 2011 till October 2012. Therefore, stages of realization of these actions, their directions and the contents should be defined.

In prospective actions the following directions are allocated: work on inclusion of 100-year anniversary of L.N.Gumilyov in the Calendar of memorials of UNESCO; Eurasians - views from the West and the East» by results of expert poll; joint actions with Bashkir, Kazan universities, with RUDN, with the Platform Dialogue Eurasia; an anniversary International scientific forum in Astana on the basis of L.N.Gumilyov ENU); work with students (the organization of Debatable Eurasian club in ENU of L.N.Gumilyov, carrying out the Olympic Games); scientific trips, expeditions behind new materials about life and L.N.Gumilyov's scientific creativity (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Bezhetsk, Karlag); modernization of an exposition of the Museum office L.N. Gumilyov; scientific competition on a medal and an award L.N. Gumilyov in the field of the Eurasian researches (it is founded in L.N.Gumilyov ENU in 2003); creation of the documentary and publicist film «In the world center» (director E.Dilmukhamedova); coordination of actions with the state structures and with the foreign organizations; publishing (transfer of works L.N. Gumilyov on the Kazakh language; preparation and the edition of an educational and methodical grant, the encyclopedia «Lev Nikolaevich Gumilyov» ; translation into the Kazakh language of the book of T.Frolovskoy «Eurasian Lion»); carrying out scientific conferences, round tables (The international conference); Carrying out the international anniversary actions to L.N.Gumilyov's 100s anniversary at high level within a year (since October 2011 till October 2012) on the basis of L.N.Gumilyov promotes growth of scientific and cultural prestige, a rating of university, Astana and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole.

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