Main dates of the life and activity

1912 on October 1 in Petersburg in a family of two Russian poets — Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov and Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova (Gorenko) — the son was born — Nikolaevich Gumilyov.

1912-1916 L.N.Gumilyov lives at the grandmother — Anna Ivanovna Gumilyova — in Tsarskoye Selo, and in 1916 — 1917 in Slepnevo's entail property and in Bezhetsk.

In 1918 moves to Petersburg to the father, who came back from abroad, and again goes back to Bezhetsk.

Arrives to the first class of school in Bezhetsk in 1920.

In 1921 on charge of participation of counterrevolutionary plot his father — N. S. Gumilyov is arrested and shot.

In 1929 ends study at school (9 classes) in Bezhetsk and moves to his mother in Leningrad.

1929-1930 studies at uniform labor school No. 67 in Leningrad. Lives together with mother in the Gushing House. The first attempt to arrive in Pedayogogichesky institute wasn't successful: noble children didn't take in higher educational institutions. Works as the unskilled worker in the Track maintenance and a current.

In 1931 employed as a collector in Geological committee. Participates in the Pribaykalsky geological expedition.

In 1932 participated the laboratory assistant in expedition in Central Asia. Upon return to Leningrad it is arranged with a collector in CNIGRI.

1933 research associate of Geological institute of Academy of Sciences; works in the Crimea as a part of expedition of GINA commission by Chetvertichna under the direction of G.A.Bonch-Osmolovsky (excavation Adzhi-Coba) and in expedition of the Simferopol museum (excavation of a cave of Chekur).

1933 of December. The first arrest, without charge.

1934 L.N.Gumilyov arrives to the Leningrad state university department of history.

In 1935 participated in archaeological expedition on Manyche (hands. M.I.Artamonov).

On November 23st 1935 was arrested together with N. N. Lunin and three other students.

A.A.Akhmatova writes the letter to Stalin, and on December 3 all of them were released.

In 1936 participated in Sarkelsky archaeological expedition of the State academy of history of material culture.

In 1938 he was again arrested together with students T.A.Shumovsky and N. P. Erekhovich. On September 28 the court of a military court sentenced L.N.Gumilyov to 10 years of imprisonment with property confiscation. For serving of term of L.N.Gumilyov was sent on construction of Belomorkanal.

1939 As a result of reconsideration of the case the sentence is changed: 5 years of camps (with imprisonment and work on construction of Belomorkanal). October 1939 - March, 1943 L.N.Gumilyov send in labor camp to Norilsk.

1943 on March 10. Upon termination of term it is unbound and left on the free settlement.

March 1943 — participated October, 1944 in quality geotechnics in geophysical expedition on the Hantaysky Lake and under Turukhansky.

1944 As the volunteer goes to the front. Takes part in fights at a capture of Berlin. It is awarded by medals «For a capture of Berlin», «For a victory over Germany».

1945 October. Was invalided out. Comes back to Leningrad and restored at university.

1946 January - the first half of February. Passes without attending lectures of examinations for 4-5 courses of university and graduation examinations. Receives the diploma and arrives in postgraduate study of Institute of oriental studies of Academy of Sciences.

Works in South Podolsk prospecting expedition (hands. M.I.Artamonov).

1947 Participated in work of South Podolsk expedition.

1947 December. Was deducted from postgraduate study with the formulation: «for discrepancy of a philological preparation of the chosen specialty» though the dissertation is written and candidate examinations are passed.

1948 Works as the librarian in Psychotherapeutic clinic of M.I.Balinskiy.

1948 May - November. Research associate of the Mountain-Altay expedition (hands Yu.K.Rudenko); Pazyryk on Altai takes part in excavation of one of stone barrows in a valley.

1949 Works as the senior research associate of the State museum of ethnography. Participates in works of Sarkelsky archaeological expedition.

On June 30th 1949 he was accepted into the number of full members of Geographical society at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Leningrad.

On the 6th of November 1949.He was arrested for the fourth time and sentenced for 10 years of labor camps.

1949 — 1956. Serves time in camps in Churbay-Nur's settlement near Karaganda (Peschlag, Steplag), in the settlement Olzheras (Entre Rios, since 1955 – Mezhdurechensk the Kemerovo Region) and near Omsk (Kamyshlag).

Works over the book on stories of Median Asia.

On the 11th of May 1956 was unbound and comes back to Leningrad.

1956 December. Was employed in the State Hermitage in the Central scientific library.

1957 Participated in Angarsk archaeological expedition (hands. A.P.Okladyonikov).

1957-1962 Heads works of the Astrakhan archaeological expedition of the Hermitage.

1959 Heads ethnography section in Leningrad office of geographical society.

1960 The first monograph "Hunn" comes out.

1961 protection of the doctoral dissertation on a subject «Ancient Turkic peoples» on November 16 took place.

1962 Passes to work in the LGU Research geographic -economic institute at geographical faculty.

1964 Participated in work of expedition to lower reaches of Don (Arched's inflow). The first article from a series «A landscape and ethnos» is published.

1965 L.N.Gumilyov's report on time of writing of "Tale of Igor's Campaign".

1966 mother of L.N.Gumilyov dies on the 5th of March.

L.N.Gumilyov achieves burial service of mother on a church ceremony.

1966 the book «Opening of Hazaria» comes out.

1967 Expedition to Hazaria. A trip to Budapest on conference. Work on the book «Searches of a vymyshlenyony kingdom» begins.

1970 It is printed scientific articles on history, historical geography, and ethnography; the cycle of articles under the general name «A landscape and ethnos» proceeds.

1970 The book «Searches of an aimaginary kingdom», caused a great interest among the readers and at the same time splash in spiteful criticism is published.

1971 Publications and L.N.Gumilyov's performances become known abroad. «Soviet Geography» (New York) starts to print its articles from a series «A landscape and ethnos». In Czechoslovakia in the Czech language there is "The Opening of Hazariya" book.

1972 In Poland (Warsaw) prints the book «Ancient Turkic peoples», in Italy (Turin) — to "Hunn".

1973 In Poland there is a book «Searches of an invented kingdom».

L.N.Gumilyov conceives to process the articles from a series «A landscape and ethnos» in the book. However, without having achieved anywhere discussion of the work, solves the second doctoral dissertation — on geography.

1973 December. The dissertation author's abstract is printed.

1974 In magazine «History USSR questions» the devastating article (the author — the doctor of historical sciences V.I.Kozlov) after which cease to print articles L.N is printed. Gumilev and his book. The answer of Gumilyov to the criticism was refused to be published.

On May 1974. Defends the second doctoral dissertation on geography on a subject: «Etnogenez and Earth biosphere». Protection passes wonderfully.

1974 Thanks to arrival to Leningrad Mongolian scientist B. Rinchen L.N. Gumilyov receives a room in other communal flat, the bigger size and in the city center - on Bolshoy Moskovskaya Street.

1975 The book «Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere» is withdrawn from the LGU publishing house plan, but accepted in Science publishing house. The book «Old Buryat painting», lain in the prepared look since 1968 was published.

1976 of VAK refuses to L.N.Gumilyov in the award of degree of the doctor of geographic sciences. The "concealment" period begins: works L.N. Gumilev don't print, ordered articles return from editions. Lectures in which it fulfills details of the theory ethnogenesis become the unique tribune for promotion of the ideas for L.N.Gumilyov. Lectures obtain wide popularity not only in Leningrad: him invite in research institutes and scientific small towns. So L.N.Gumilyov reads a series of lectures in Novosibirsk the Campus.

1977The book «Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere» was withdrawn from the Science publishing house plan. Journal «History questions» accepts the answer to Kozlov's criticism in 3 years, but doesn't print it.

Some listeners of the lectures became pupils and assistants (for example, K.P.Ivanov).

1978-1979 Refusals in the publication of articles of L.N.Gumilyov proceed in scientific journals, though they were ordered quite often. At the same time his lectures gain the increasing popularity. Occasionally it is possible to print articles in "unscientific" magazines: so, for example, these years L.N.Gumilyov's hardworking cooperation with the journal «Decorative art» (began hl. A.I.Kurkchi's edition).

L.N.Gumilyov Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere» receives positive reviews of the book «. The book was accepted on a deponiyorovaniye in VINITI. Release 1 became available to readers.

1980. Writes ordered article about the Christianization of Kievan Rus', but it isn't published. In the Ogonek magazine there is article about Kulikovsky fight.

Prepares for radio a series of lectures on ethno genesis. Releases of 2 and 3 books «Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere» are deposited.

1981-1986. Difficult years: absolutely cease to print, forbid publications L.N. Gumilyov even in such magazines as «Decorative art», the ordered interviews also aren't published.

The presidium of Academy of Sciences imposed a ban on publications L.N. Gumilyov, and the Siberian office of AN Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere» refuses to print the book «. At the same time him still strenuously invite to give lectures in scientific communities to the different cities, invite for consultations at the film studios, radio and television.

1987 VINITI Ethno genesis and a bio sphere of Earth» forbids printing and dispatching to subscribers book releases «.

1987 L.N.Gumilyov addresses the letters to the Department of a science and educational institutions at CPSU Central Committee to find out, why don't print its works. A.I.Lukyanov sends inquiry to the Institute of the history of the Russian Academy of Sciences and as a result the ban on publications is removed.

1988. After ban removal the situation kardiyonalno changes. In a year - 22 publications. One of the most significant — «The biographies of the scientific theory, or Avtonekrolog» in the Znamya magazine and in two issues of the journal "Neva" under the name «Apocryphal dialogue».

1989. In LGU publishing house there is a book «Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere». In Baku in the Hazar magazine the historical and psychological etude «Black legend» printed with A.I.Kurkchi).

1989 Autumn. L.N.Gumilyov seriously ill (stroke).

1990. 3 monographs come out: «Ethno genesis and Earth biosphere», «Ancient Russia and Great steppe» ( consequently will be awarded an award of A.V.Lunacharsk) and «Ethnos geography during the historical period» — a course of lectures on ethnography (the original name: «End and again beginning»).

In the Aurora magazine (No. 11) there is L.N.Gumilyov's first detailed story about the life (conversation with E.Ya.Varustin).

L.N.Gumilyov receives the first in the life separate квар­тиру on Kolomenskaya Street.

1990 on December 29 L.N.Gumilyov is elected the full member of the Russian academy of natural sciences.

1991. Books and articles of L.N. Gumilyov continue to be released, on the radio and a television the cycle of its lectures is organized, he was besieged by the journalists... Gumilyov's works gain recognition, he conceives the new book, but plans can't be realized: L.N.Gumilyov was already seriously ill.

1992 on June 15. After a serious and long illness Lev Nikolaevich Gumilyov died. L.N.Gumilyov's funeral took place on Nikolsky Alexander Nevsky Lavra cemetery in St. Petersburg.

On the 1st of October 1992 L.N.Gumilyov was awarded awards of H.Z.Tagiyev (Azerbaijan) (posthumously) for the book «The millennium around the Caspian Sea».

1992 December. L.N.Gumilyov's latest book «From Russia to Russia» comes out. 

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