Department of science and innovation

Nurmoldin Erik Ersalynovich

010008 Astana, Satpayev st., 2, study-administrative campus, office 312

+7 (7172) 709487

ext. 31322

About department

The department of a science and innovation - structural division of the university which carries out and coordinates research in university research and developmental works (research and development). The department is the uniform scientific structure uniting all research divisions of university, including faculties, scientific research institutes (scientific research institute), centers of science (CS), etc.

The primary goals of the Department are: the organization, coordination and service spent at faculties, scientific research institutes, centers of science and other structural divisions of university of research, innovative works, patent-information and normative and technical maintenance of scientific researches and innovative activity.  

The Department structure includes following divisions:

Department of a science

Department of science and technology programs.

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