American Corner

Welcome to American Corner in Astana!

Everybody is invited to visit the American Corner! The mission of the Corner is to introduce American culture through variety of activities and to give young people opportunity to study in best universities of USA.

American Corner organizes a lot of different types of active programming:

-  regular discussion & debate club

-  music & musical club

-  reading club

-  movie viewing

-  Kids’ Hour 

-  offering presentations and lectures dedicated to certain events

-  invitation of native speakers to the American Corner

Come along and find information about study in USA, universities and scholarship opportunities.

Opening hours

Tuesday–Sunday: 09:00 till 19:00 (in winter) 

Tuesday–Sunday: 10:00 till 20:00 (in summer) 

Monday: closed


ENU Library Otyrar

10 Pushkin Street, 3rd floor

8 (717) 270 9500 Ext 36307

National Academic Library
of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

Left Bank (near Baiterek)
Tel.: 8 (7172) 446254




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