Doors of our scientific research institutes, centers and councils are opened for each of you!

We can always help you to develop your scientific potential, to direct and support you in your researches, to become the professional of the business. The Eurasian national university gives a possibility to each of you to become the leaders of Kazakhstan’s science! 

Department of science and technology programs

The department is engaged in the organization, coordination and service conducted on faculties, scientific research institutes, centers of the science and other structural divisions of university of research and innovative works, patent-information and normative and technical maintenance of scientific researches and innovative activity.

The structure of Department of a science and commercialization includes following divisions: 

» Department of a Science 

» Department of science and technology programs 

» Youth Business Incubator

Technology Commercialization Department

Technology Commercialization Department is formed on the basis of the order of the ENU Rector. Y.B. Sydykov as of December 2, 2014. 


Development of commercial application of the results for scientific and technical activities of teachers, staff and students of the ENU, including results of intellectual creative activities and promotion of new or improved products, processes, services and scientific developments created within the University and directed at profit extraction. 


1. To ensure integration of scientific schools and university scientists with business community and the industrial sector of the economy; 

2. To create conditions for results commercialization of scientific and applied projects and developments; 

3. To create an innovative belt of start-up companies around the university and the conditions for their sustainability; 

4. To establish a system of information and consulting support for commercialization issues of scientific research and the protection of intellectual property; 

5. To create conditions for raising funds from investment and venture capital institutions; 

6. To intensify efforts of scientific schools of the University to conduct applied and experimental-design works focused on the needs of business and industry; 

7. To involve Master and Doctoral students in the innovation process of creation, development and implementation of high-tech products and technologies. 


The Department includes the following divisions: 

Commercialization Department

Information and Patent Activity Service


With a view of association of efforts of intellectual, creative and business potential of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian national university of a name for the decision of social and economic problems of the Republic Kazakhstan on the basis of the university carries out the activity Society of inventors of ENU Society of inventors of ENU  


Scientific - technical council of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian national university is the higher expert-advisory body of the university in the sphere of formation and practical realization of a scientific, scientific and technical and innovative policy. Purpose of STC is the working out of the main principles of formation and mechanisms of practical realization of a scientific, scientific and technical and innovative policy of the university.

Council of young scientists  is an association of creative young men which unites their efforts for working out of actual scientific problems and the decision of priority scientific problems, searches for ways of activization of professional growth and development of innovative activity of young scientists of university.

Scientific – research activity


» Faculty of information technology 

» Mechanic-mathematical faculty

» Faculty of law

» Faculty of the international relations

» Faculty of the social sciences

» Philological faculty

» Economic faculty

» Journalism and political science faculty

» Transport-power faculty

» Architecturally-building faculty

» Faculty of natural sciences

» Physic technical faculty

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