Council of young scientists

General provisions

Council of young scientists of L.N.Gumilyov ENU (further – Council) is a public organization of the university and is formed of representatives of the various divisions of the university.

Council in its activity is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the university Charter, the decisions and commands of a management of the university.

The general management of the Council's activity is carried out by the pro-rector on research work and international connections. Council's activity is carried out in contact with the department of the research work and other divisions of the university which assist in his work.

The purposes and problems of the Council

The purposes of activity of the Council are: activization of professional growth of young scientists of the university, association of their efforts for working out of urgent scientific problems and the decision of priority scientific problems, and also development of innovative activity of young scientists of the university.

The primary goals of the Council are an association of young scientists of the university and activization of their activity for the performance of objects in view, receptions of the new knowledge and integration of their joint scientific activity, assistance to young scientists of the university in carrying out fundamental and applied researches.

Subject of the Council's activity:representation of the interests of young scientists in a university's Academic council, in the state structures, public organizations and mass media; monitoring and the analysis of the activity of young scientists of the university; adjustment of an information exchange among young scientists and experts of the scientific organizations of the university: distribution and information interchange about printing and electronic sources of the professional information, grants, funds, programs of support of young scientists and experts, conferences, schools, scientifically-practical seminars etc.; contribution of the organization of holding conferences of young scientists of the university, seminars, series of lectures of leading scientists; contribution to the creation at the university of scientifically-innovative projects of young scientific and also other forms of the organization of research activity; initiation of the organization of the economic societies, which activity consists in practical application (introduction) of the results of intellectual activity, for the participation in their work of young scientists of university; preparation of the offers on the organization of high-grade access of young scientists to the newest information technology; participation in the decision of the social and other problems of young scientists of the university; creation of an information database of young scientists of the university which have left abroad. Council contacts them to the purpose of carrying out of the teamwork, creation of the conditions of mutually advantageous cooperation. Council conducts sociological researches for the purpose of the revealing of his problems of young scientists; assistance to the financial support of the participation of young scientists in conferences, seminars, symposiums, training, including international; formation and expansion of a network of the contacts with the Councils of young scientists and other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions; carrying out of the events for the attraction of pupils of the schools and students of higher educational institutions in the academic science, contribution of popularization of a science; assistance to the preservation and a reconstruction historical, and also to the formation of new traditions at the university; the organization of the sport and cultural leisure of young scientists and their families. 

Provision on the Council of young scientists at L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian national university

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