Awards and Grants

Awards for scientific achievements of teaching stuff

In 2007 the chief of the department of algebra and geometry,, professor U.Umirbayev did sums, submitted forty years ago by well-known Japanese mathematician Nagata for which the American mathematical society awarded him E.H.Moore's prize.

The chief of the architecture department, professor R.U Chakayeva was conferred a title "The RK Art Worker" for great merits in reformation of capital and active preparation of new generation of architects

In 2007 the academician of the RK National Academy of Sciences,, professor M.O.Otelbayev for an outstanding contribution to the development of mathematical science was awarded a title of laureate of the RK State premium. By the results of the Republican competition, organized and conducted by the RК Ministry of Education and Sciences, "The best lecturer of the institute of higher education-2007" scholarship-winners are:

Alimbek G.R.

Myrzakhmet M.K.

Abdrassulov E.B.

Nephedova L.V.

Duissebay N.Zh

Nurakov S.

Dzhaichibekov N.Zh

Nurtazina R.A.

Zhumabekova D.Zh.

Oinarov R.

Kabuldinov Z. E.

Sagyndykov K.M.

Kakenova G.M.

Seitkazy P.

Kuzekova Z.S

Turysbek R.

Kulzhabayeva Zh.

Temirbekov E.S.

Kamzabekuly D.

Khamzin S.K.

Mukhamedin S.

Khanturin M.R.

Winners of competitions

The grant of Fulbright Fund - professor Ishamkulov M.Sh

The grant of Fund of Science «Sharyktau»- associate professor Massalimov Zh. K.

The grant of the World Federation of Scientist, Switzerland – Zeinullina Aliya, 2007; Niyazova Aigerim, 2007; Marat Saule, 2007; Asserbayev Berikbol, 2008; Baysseitova Gaukhar, 2008;

The grant of Eurasian Fund - «Training of the student from Uzbekistan by programme MSEME at the L.N Gumilyov ENU " (the Coordinator of the project is Massalimov Zh.K. 2006 – 2009)

The grant of Sixth frame programme FP-6- lecturer Myrzakhmet M.K.

The grant of DAAD (German service of the academic exchange)- Suleimenov E.N, Martyn Yu., Poltorykhina Y.

Competition for the best scientific work on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences, declared by Fund of the RK First President - Massalimov Zh.K., Daribay A.O.

Students of the Natural and technical sciences faculty Maksut Zhannat and Kabytayev Bauyrzhan won Werner von Siemens Excellence Award, which is awarded to talented representatives of the 21st century for outstanding achievements in the field of electronics, computer science, economy and social sciences.

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