Science-research divisions

Scientific researches of L.N.Gumilev are carried out to ENU in 27 research divisions. Work of scientific research institute, NTs and laboratories is conducted within fundamental and applied programs of researches. All scientific divisions closely cooperate with faculties, university chairs. 


  1. Geotechnical Institute
  2. Expert Scientific-Research Institute
  3. SIAKL “Technology, mechanization and automation of standard and transport processes”
  4. SRI for quality technics and technology
  5. SRI «Energy saving and energy efficiency technologies»


  1. Eurasian Mathematical Institute
  2. Institute of theoretical mathematics and scientific calculations
  3. Institute of Fundamental Researches
  4. Eurasian International center of Theoretical Physics
  5. SRI of Bioorganic Chemistry
  6. Institute of cell biology and biotechnology
  7. Institute of Applied Chemistry
  8. Engineering Profile Laboratory
  9. SRI for Information Security and Cryptology
  10. SRI for artificial intelligence
  11. Laboratory for physical and quantum chemistry

Public and humanitarian:

  1. Scientific center «Eurasia»
  2. Scientific center «Otyrar library»
  3. Institute of Culture and Spiritual Development
  4. K.Akishev Scientific and Research Institute for Archeology
  5. Confucius Institute
  6. Scientific and Research Center for Turkic and Altai Sciences
  7. Center of educational legislature


  1. NRI of state legal research, development and expertise for bills
  2. Institute for Studying Journalism Problems
  3. Econometric Scientific and Research Laboratory
  4. NRI of Modern Research
  5. Laboratory for Social and Cultural Anthropology
  6. Center for Interethnic Relations and Tolerance for Kazakhstan People’s Assembly
  7. Laboratory of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Tauelsizdik Shezhiresi” (Chronicle of Independency)


  1. Center of International and Regional Research
  2. Belarus-Kazakh Center for Scientific and Technical Cooperation

Innovation park:

  1. Start-up zones, Laboratory of alternative fuels, Design Department

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