The Science-Research Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

An institute consists of two laboratories:

- A laboratory of chemistry and technology of biologically active substances;

- A laboratory of physical and chemical researches.

Director of instituteDr. Sc. of Chemistry, professor Sluken Rahmadiyeva, a known scientist in the field of chemistry of natural and physiologically active substances; bioorganic chemistry; technology and the organization of pharmaceutical manufacture.

Research Area

A search of new sources of biologically active substances among plants of Kazakhstan and a creation drugs on their for medicine and agriculture; The development resource-saving of reception biologically active substances and their usage; Carrying out of bioscreening of new substances and phytodrugs; The development of new domestic phytodrugs and their medicial forms for the purpose of the usage in manufacture.


New original domestic antineoplastic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antihypoxic, gephatoprotectiv, healing wounds phytodrug Souttigen from grass of Euphorbia soongarica Boiss. is registered and officially resolved for application in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Packages of the specifications and technical documentation, the certificates on the registration, the certificate on a trade mark are granted for «the Substance of the phytodrug Suttigen» and medicinal forms - «3 % Ointment Souttigen» and «10% Ointment Souttigen»; are developed and confirmed by the Committee of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health the Republic of Kazakhstan. They included in the State register of medical forms of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

The nanotechnology of reception of a phytofilm is developed on the basis of substance Souttigen with a polymeric film on the basis of gelatin.

The project “Development of Nan complexes of biologically active substances with polymerides for creation of high efficiency of the medicinal form dragson applied researches to implement the program“Development of Nan science and nanotechnologies in Kazakhstan,2010 - 2012”

The International project of Tempus - ETF-JP-00426-2008 «Chemical Engineering: Curriculum Development and International Recognition» (ChemDR) (2009-2012).

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