Research projects

Creation and Study of Nanostructures in Dielectrics

Intensification of the heating system, based on Ranque-Hilsch vortex cavitation heating pipe

Development of a cracked gas unit for supply system of an internal combustion engine

Development and research of dosimetric and scintillation materials doped with polyvalent metals

Mining Robotized Complex with Adaptive Software Control

Study of modern technologies on arrangement of DDS and CFA pile foundations, as well as PDA method to control them

Development of the technology and organization of pilot production of domestic fluorescent polymeric materials

Development of autonomous cogeneration energy sources on low power solid biofuels

Development of systems for preparation of water-fuel emulsions

Development of technology for production of a new luminescent material to improve efficiency of photoelectric converters based on silicon

Development of technology for production of outputs of Kazakh ginseng (cistanche deserticola) for food and perfume and cosmetic industry

Creation of sample products under the brand "Flavours of the Steppes of Kazakhstan"

Scientific and technical justification and development of the industrial design of the automated heating unit without use of external power sources

Molecular genetic characteristic of onychomycosis activators and creation of a collection of microorganism-producers of specific antigens

Methodology, algorithms and programs of generation of electronic textbooks

Development of new principles and conditions of breeding for production of anaerobic microbes yeast to produce environmentally sound organic fertilizers and methane biogas

Development of technology for production of domestic elite potato seeds resistant to biotic factors using biotechnology methods

Research and development of design documentation for the bulk loader with rotary operating device

Organization of production of high-performance filter elements based on nanoporous track-etched membranes

Electric filter for dust removal in industrial flue gases

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