Study of modern technologies on arrangement of DDS and CFA pile foundations, as well as PDA method to control them


A. Zhusupbekov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Тел. 87015118382


The research work on the basis of which normative documents are going to be made regarding engineering of DDS and CFA pile foundations, and conducting of dynamic tests using PDA method, and quality control using PIT method.

Short Description

The main advantages of DDS and CFA technologies are: high efficiency of piles manufacturing; high economic efficiency; low noise and vibration when driving piles; and the most important one is the high load-bearing capacity of a pile. Today, there are many unresolved issues relating to DDS and CFA technologies: the impact of technology features on the bearing capacity of piles; the impact of the radial seal of the surrounding area to a pile; impact of DDS and CFA piles on foundations of adjacent building, and many others.

The project involves a comprehensive study of modern DDS and CFA pile technologies, as well as PDA method of piles driving quality control, which, of course, is of practical interest to modern construction of Kazakhstan. On the basis of studies normative and technical guidelines have already been developed and are being developed, provisions of which would help to conduct high-quality design of pile foundations using CFA and DDS technology, and increase economic efficiency as well.

Expected Result

Improving of the normative and technical base in the sphere of construction of Kazakhstan.

Scope of Application

Civil and industrial construction, road building.


For execution of the project 13 000 thousand tenge are required.

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