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The university occupies now one of leading place in Kazakhstan rating among the leading universities and the basis of its activity is composed of innovatively-technological approach, use of the newest technologies.

Formation of university as an international higher education institution sets practical problems on carrying out of basic researches in priority directions of science development and technologies. So, a general direction of research activity of university is participation in the decision of the basic problems of fundamental science, and also priority directions of an industrially-innovative policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Priorities of an industrially-innovative policy according to Strategy of industrially-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2003-2015 is development and creation potentially competitive, including export oriented manufactures working in branches of economy of not raw direction.

The developed priority directions of technological development are based on the basic scientific directions of naturally - scientific profile which is reflected on activities of science centers and university institutes.

Scientific researches in L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian national university are held in research divisions.

All research divisions closely co-operate with faculties, university departments. As a result, schools of thought under the direction of leading scientists of the university whose achievements are widely known as in Kazakhstan also abroad.

In particular, schools of thought function and successfully develop in sphere of bioorganic chemistry; experimental biology and ecology; mathematical modeling and innovative technologies; physicists and high technologies; study of Turkic and Altai languages; archeology and sociology; studying the Eurasian community idea, etc.

Thanks to development of schools of thought on natural-technical science and humanities on the basis of the created scientific centers and institutes more than 160 scientific projects are carried out under fundamental and applied programs of research.

The scientific researches held in L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian national university the bounds of priority directions of development of science; completely correspond to recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. These directions are defined on the assumption off the purposes and priorities of development of the Republic as a whole.

As a result of development of scientific schools and the vigorous activity of the centers and institutes increases the effectiveness of university basic researches, the problematic of practical research and educational projects and programs which provide competitiveness and demand scientific potential at L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian national university extends.

Thus, research activity of the university is directed on the further development of university as the large scientific and research centre of Kazakhstan, development of scientific and scientific and pedagogical schools, formation hi-tech innovative infrastructure of the university.

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