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Researches often begins with a problem of studying of its technology in the wide plan. As soon as you will understand technology of research, use of libraries and databases which specialize on separate technologies will be the following step. Here ours blog-reviews of various databases which will help you to be beyond the main instruments of search! 


GoogleScholar a free available search engine which indexes the full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Scholar allows users to carry out search of a digital or physical copy of articles, whether it be online or in libraries. "Scientific" search results are generated with use of references from text-through journal articles, technical reports, pre-prints, dissertations, books and other documents, including the chosen web pages which are considered as "scientific".  


Harzing's Publish or Perish - the program which receives and analyzes the academic quotes. Doing some research, it is very convenient to check, whether there was this text or the author are already quoted, as is frequent and where. If you have working Internet connection, Harzing's Publish or Perish, it is possible to receive such information in seconds. This program will use inquiries of Google Scholar to obtain data on quotes.

If you carry out search, using a name of the author, heading of this edition, group of words or a certain phrase, Harzing's Publish or Perish can calculate document number where it is possible to find the necessary text, in the inquiry, total of quotes which correspond to inquiry, the average number of quotes on the text and is a lot of other detailed data.

You are able execute four types of the analysis: analysis of Impact of the Author, analysis of Impact of the Magazine, General Search of the Quote.   

citations gadget

 The scientific universal gadget of Google allows users to look for total of references of the author.It provides the general citing, total of quoted publications and Hirsh's index - a h-index.

Installation. To read instructions or it is simple to add in your iGoogle, having pressed here:Gadget Google

Academic SearchMicrosoft Academic Search (MAS) is the free academic search engine developed by MicrosoftResearch, having convenient expanded search. This gadget of inquiries of Google Academy works in the same way, as the web browser.

ScirusSCIRUS a universal scientific search engine. Carries out text-through search in articles (about 17 million) magazines of the majority of large foreign publishing houses, 13 million patents of the USA, the European Union countries, Japan and VOIS participating countries (with use of resources of LexisNexis system) and to other scientific Internet resources. In total more than 105 million indexed pages are declared. SCIRUS is integrated with ScienceDirect that allows to get text-through access to ELSEVIER SCIENCE publishing house magazines (to Elsevier, Pergamon and North-Holland), being in a mode of full access.

CiteSeerCiteSeerX a search engine and digital library with special emphasis on computer and information sciences. It indexes more than 750 000 documents. Besides, one of missions of a resource is improvement of quality and ease of conducting scientific researches.


The Internet Archive is the noncommercial digital library offering free general access to books, films and to music, and also archival 150 billion web pages. 

Access of scientists of Kazakhstan to world databases  

On November 15, 2011 Kazakhstan the first among CIS countries signed the license agreement in the field of scientific and technical information with Thomson Reuters (USA) and Springer (Germany) on receiving the guaranteed access to unique information resources of leading companies of the world.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is concluded the agreement on providing the scientific organizations with access to foreign resources of scientific and technical information. These are text-through materials of 16 000 books and 2 500 hosts of the scientific magazines presented of 4 000 largest scientific publishing houses of the whole world. In total about 7 000 000 articles and publications.  

Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge base

Springer base

Scopus base

Elsevier base

ScienceDirect base 

Search systems



Search server providing simple and quick search on the Internet. Offering users access to the index, which includes more than 8 billion URL, Google is the biggest search engine on the Internet. Answers to questions on working with Google, you will find in "Help search center on the Internet" of the company.

Yahoo Search


A search engine which helps you to find exactly what you are searching; Find the most relevant information, video, imagesand answers from all on the Internet.

Bing (ex-Live) Search


A search engine that finds and organizes the answers to all your questions, you can make your decisionsfaster and more informed 


Exalead Platform is a search engine and high-performance algorithms for texts processing. In the basic of the platform is indexation technology in real time regime, which is focused on data processing, located in the most popular and developing storage facilities, such as Web-servers, databases, e-mail servers. The platform is unified to search despite size and type of data in the workplace (PC, laptop, etc.), on the corporate network and the Internet.


Searching information on the Internet with the Russian morphology, possibility of regional specification.


Powerful, new search engine that fulfills your needs in real time.

Citations Gadget

Scientific versatile gadget Google allows users to search for the total number of the author (s) references. It provides a common citation, total number of cited publications – by Jorge Hirsch index (h-index).

Useful resources

We are pleased to present you a selection of useful links to the following directory of sites. This is a collection of Internet resources that will be useful for teaching and research works, as well as for self-studying.

Useful links to tools for search engines study

Search Engine Showdown      searchengineshowdown.com

Search Engine Watch            searchenginewatch.com

Bibliometric indicators and analyzes of electronic journals and scientific publications

CiteSeerX                           citeseerx.ist.psu.edu

CiteBase                            citebase.eprints.org/cgi-bin/search

Google Scholar                   scholar.google.com

Arxiv                                  arxiv.org

Scirus                                www.scirus.com

DBLP                                dblp.uni-trier.de

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