Study-museum of L.N.Gumilyev

Lev Nikolayevich Gumilyev – is a prominent Soviet and Russian academic, history-ethnologist, doctor of historical and geographical sciences, poet, a translator from Persian.

In accordance with the president’s own initiative in 1996, one of the greatest universities of Kazakhstan Republic in Astana city was renamed by L.N.Gumilyev. Now it is called Eurasian national university by L.N.Gumilyev. University has also study-museum of L.N.Gumilyev.

In 2002 we celebrated academic’s 90th birthday after his death. Therefore, his wife – Nataliya Victorovna Gumilyeva thanked all and presented husband’s own things that closely connected with his life and art.

There are a lot of books of him in the museum. One of his main books is – “Ethnogeny and Earth’s biosphere” – published in 1979 and dedicated to the problem of ethnic’s rise and their relationship with Earth and nature.

“A desert trilogy” – has two books. First was published in 1960 and is called “Gunny”, which is about rise and destruction of a great state of nomadic people. The second is ‘Gunny in China’, was published in 1974 and dedicated to the connection of nomadic people with Chinese in the period of II-VI с. A.D.

“Ancient Turks”– is the second part of “A desert trilogy”, published in 1967. Author researched the regularities of Turk power’s rise, development and destruction. He paid a lot of attention to a wide round of historical problems and geographical location of nomadic people in Central Asia

“Searches of fictitious realm” – is a tractate of the third part of “A desert trilogy”, published in 1970 and dedicated to a so called fictitious realm, which existed in Central Asia and ruled by Yoann.

Museum has also the following academic books, such as “Ancient Russ and Great steppe” – book is dedicated to one of the difficult and tangled problems of home history, it is the relationship of an Ancient Russ and its neighbors, mainly Khazar realm and nomadic people of a great steppe.

“Opening Khazar” – published in 1966 and dedicated to archaeological and historical researches around Khazar in VIII-X centuries.

“A millennium around Caspy” – published in 1990 and considered as historical-ethnological research of Eurasian Oykumeny for 1500 years, from III B.C. up to ХII A.D.

“History arabesques ” – published in 1995 and dedicated to people, who left their native land and were involved into someone else’s life.

“Why was it necessary to lie so much?” – this book represents a lot of author’s letters, written to his wife – Nataliya Varbanets by himself when he was in prison in 1950’s. These letters tell us the difficult life of people who lived in totalitarian state at that time.

To a popular-scientific series we include: “From Russ to Russia” - published in 1992. This work represents the history of ethnic relationship of Russian people with its neighbors.

“Ending and again beginning” – is a book of passionarity in which is described a mechanism of passionarity in Ancient World, in the epoch of Antic and Middle centuries of Europe, in China, Turkey, Russia and other regions of Earth. At the first time was published under the name “Ethnic geography in historical period”

L.N.Gumilyev offered a complex of original methods of learning ethnogeny, that require learning historical events about climate, geology, geography in parallel, that include archaeological and cultural sources. A basis of his research was an original theory of passionarian ethnogeny. With the help of this he tried to explain the regularities of historical processes.

On the walls you can see his photos, where he participated in different archaeological expeditions, such as in 1933 –Crym archaeological expedition; 1936 –Sarykol archaeological expedition; 1948 – Altay mountains archaeological expedition; 1957 – Angar archaeological expedition; 1959 – Astrakhan archaeological expedition; and et.c. After graduating his post-graduate study in 1946 L.N.Gumilyev gave the lectures to the students of historical and geographical faculties in Leningrad state university. He was an academic and a lecturer simultaneously.

From his own things we can pick up the following: manuscripts from books “Ethnogeny and Earth’s biosphere” and “A background of Kazakh ethnos” ; “Bezhetsk’s life” – is a social-political newspaper of Bezhetsk region; a passionarian changing of ethnic system; academic’s own picture painted by Joang Purveev in 1991; video recorders about the history of Turkish and nomadic people of Central Asia; appearance of his wife in front of academics on IX congress in 2002; L.N.Gumilyev’s funeral (20.06.1992); a printing machine (production “Continental”). And also we can point out to the books of his own library – poetry of Anna Akhmatova and Nikolay Gumilyev; his cigarettes “Flor Duchess” and “Satellite”; the ash-tray with a sign - “Saint Petersburg”.

Study-museum of L.N.Gumilyev is closely connected with the museum of historical literature, in which are existed a lot of historical stones and exhibits of ancient civilization.

On the 1st October in 2012 the university is going to celebrate L.N.Gumilyev’s 100’s birthday after his death and make numerous conferences and measures that will be dedicated to him.

Nikolay Gumilyev`s lectures in Kurchatov city 

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