Museum office of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Deputy Director of the National Research Center "Eurasia" – Head of the Museum-office of L.N.Gumilyov ENU

2, str. Satpayev, teaching and administration building, 1st floor, Astana, 010008

ext. 31105

About the Museum

L.N. Gumilyov Museum is a scientific research, cultural and educational structural subunit of the Eurasian National University. The museum collects, saves, studies and exhibits material, written, visual sources, as well as movies, photos, phonosources reflecting biography, scientific activities of the outstanding historian and ethnologist, Doctor of Historical and Geographical Sciences, a prominent representative of the Eurasian scientific direction of Lev Gumilyov.

The main purpose of the Museum is to get acquainted with the life and work of LevGumilyov, distribute and promote the ideas of Eurasianism, formation of the cultural, moral and aesthetic education of the individual student through active civil position, developing a sense of patriotism and proudfor the university achievements.

The main objectives of the Museum are:

- Continuous operation on collection, storage and study of museum objects (pictures, personal belongings, documents, letters) related to the life and work of Lev Gumilyov, and on this basis the formation of research funds of the museum;

- Formation of primary and secondary accounting systems for the museum collections;

- Creation of expositions and temporary exhibitions on the basis of study and collection of material;

- Conducting of familiarization tours for the university guests, scientific and educational work with students, graduate students, teachers and staff of the university, at the museum through organization of guided tours, lectures, seminars, discussions, museum lessons, meetings of graduates, scientific and cultural workers, etc.

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