NU CIS (Member of the Consortium since 2009)

СУ СНГ Network University of the Commonwealth of Independent States (NU CIS) is an educational platform, operating under a single (general) educational space of the CIS member states to improve the quality and attractiveness of higher education, strengthening cooperation and inter-institutional relationships in higher education in the territory of the CIS member states.

The project aims at organizing and implementing high-quality joint master's degree programs, the strengthening of international cooperation in the field of training highly qualified specialists and to promote the exchange of graduate students, joint research in order to prepare the master's thesis.


USCO (Member of the Consortium since 2011)

University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a network university, within the framework that implements the following tasks: expansion of student, graduate students, doctoral students and scientific and pedagogical workers exchange, increase of scientific and academic cooperation; introduction of modern educational methods and technologies; the creation of mechanisms of recognition and equivalence of documents on education of SCO University by SCO member states and the international education community.


Universities consortium of the European countries (Member of the consortium since 2015)

The purpose of the Consortium is the establishment and coordination of inter-institutional cooperation in the areas of academic mobility, research, technological development and innovation, increase competitiveness in the national and international scale.

Main areas of cooperation between the partner-parties are:

1. Organization of joint conferences, symposia, seminars and other scientific meetings;

2. Preparation and publication of joint educational and scientific publications;

3. Academic mobility of students, doctoral students, teachers;

4. Development of joint educational and research programs, establishment of a joint management PhD;

5. Establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with the authorities, business and other interested parties;

6. Development, promotion and implementation of joint projects with national and international donors.

Composition of the International Consortium of universities:


Zhumat Kargin Beysenbekovich, Director of Technology Commercialization Department,, +7(7172)709500 ext. 31313

Peter V. Tokar, lecturer in "Political Science", mobile +77029115554,

Memorandum on the establishment of the International consortium of universities


Observatory of the Magna universities (membership since 2005)

A non-profit organization founded in 1988 under the University of Bologna in collaboration with the European Association of Universities.
To date, it includes more than 800 universities from 85 countries.
It is the guardian of higher education values, and acts in the interests of students, teachers, employees of higher educational institutions.
As the priorities of higher education development the Observatory highlights such fundamental principles as academic freedom, the autonomy of universities and non-interference of the state in the research activities of universities.

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